Chelsea-Summer Lodewyk is a woman. A young woman. In her twenties, going through her first life crisis.

That’s right my friends the dreaded QUARTER LIFE CRISIS!

She doesn’t want to go to jail. So there is only one thing she can take all her frustrations out on, and that’s the internet.

So be prepared, be prepared for angry ramblings, intellectual insight and the answer to the question “What is the meaning of life?” I have all the answers…. That is a literal lie.

I do, however, have an infinite list of questions and I will grapple with them weekly if not daily for the good of mankind.

You’re welcome mankind… You’re welcome.



  1. Greetings from Ohio!

    I discovered your blog two months ago & binge read every post! Your writing is a soothing breath of fresh air in a media world full of noise and clutter. I really do hope you are pursuing writing/journalism/TV as a career I would read and watch everything you write! They don’t make them like you anymore. Must be a South Africa thing cauze we like Trevor Noah too. You’ve got two new fans in me and my wife Noël.

    Please don’t stop writing. Your meat post inspired me for tonight’s dinner,,, Applebee’s

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    1. Lex! Thank you so very much for your incredibly kind words, and the motivation. You have no clue what this comment means to me. I promise I won’t stop writing anytime and you’ll be happy to know I am pursuing some of the things you mentioned, and that the blog will have podcasts too in the next few months so happy happy days.

      Please send my regards to Noël and thank her for the wonderfully kind email she sent me yesterday. I absolutely appreciate you guys😊


  2. Got to give it to you Chels! Wowaweewa! Read your Marie Claire interview thingamajig and it was awesome sauce! forced all the girlies in book club to read it. Especially the braai tongs and child maintenance part. I can’t wait to see what else you come up with! I find myself listening to various radio stations in the hopes you’ll be back on please tell me I am not doing this in vain???

    In case you don’t know I have been following your career since 2013 on Mixfm and it’s an absolute shame your not up there as famous as those highveld947 or Jacaranda guys most of them are chops. Please man don’t stop writing it’s the only connection us die hard Chelsea Summer fans have left to you.

    Love you kid!

    P.S come back to radio asseblief!

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